• 10:00 AM
  • Jeff Gadsden, Phone 1-800-667-0619, web site:
It’s a small show, but ephemera is among the collecting world’s most fascinating niche markets.
The Spring edition of the Old Book and Paper show.
Admission – $8
Canada’s top paper dealers set up nearly 70 tables featuring:
  • Nearly 100,000 vintage postcards, all villages, towns and cities in Ontario plus sports, transportation, holidays from New Years to Christmas.
  • Travel and Movie posters and lobby cards
  • Vintage photography on paper plus daguerreotypes and tintypes
  • Scientific journals
  • Collectible Comic books
  • Transportation including railway and ocean liner items
  • Historical documents including land grants, mortgages and deeds
  • 30’s/40’s fashion magazines
  • Pulp fiction – crime, detective, Sci-Fi – including Weird Tales, The Shadow, The Phantom Detective, Vintage paperbacks
  • Sporting material – baseball, hockey, etc. dating to the 1920’s
  • Old Advertising
  • Magazines and hundreds more categories